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Hello love! You may submit imagines via the submit or the ask box. You may also submit one shots, We'll post them and credit them for you. WARNING: Sometimes we get a little emotional. And hyper. But we don't bite :) xx

For anon. 

You have no idea how much I was crying when I wrote this.

You guys can requests imagines/one shots starting …..NOW.

-Porcelain :)

 lanadelrey-bby-deactivated20121: TRICK OR TREAT BBY <3 p.s. rach's message is amazing because i send love. *LOVE*

<3 I luff you hoe


You are trick or treating with your friends after spending no time in school because you are a hoe and get halloween week off. Not the point. The point is, you are trick or treating and you walk up to a spooky house. The rumors are that it is haunted but you decide to go up anyway. You walk up the long drive way past scary looking trees. There is fog rolling over the land and the moon gives it a freaky glow. As you get closer to the house you start to feel colder and colder. You  keep walking even though your gut tells you to go back. You knock on the giant wooden door and wait for someone to answer. You are about to turn back when you hear it creak open. You stick your head in and shout, “Hello? Trick or treat?” You see candles are lit and classical music is playing. You hear someone say, “Come in. Please.” You look back at your friends who are waiting at the road but they aren’t paying attention to you. You slowly walk in and leave the door open but a gust of bone chilling air shuts it and settles next to you. Your breath hitches and you close your eyes waiting for the worst. “It’s okay,” you hear a slow voice whisper next to you. “I don’t want to hurt you.” You open your eyes to see a boy with brown curly hair appear from the chilly air. You gasp slightly. “Hi, I’m Harry,” he says slowly, drifting toward you. He has feet but he doesn’t use them, he glides instead. “Y-you are a-a gh-ghost.” You take a step back in fear and he looks down embarrassed. “Yes, I am. I just wanted to say hi. I don’t get many visitors and you seem nice. You can go though. I understand a pretty girl like you wouldn’t want to be friends with a ghost like me.” You decide to take a step forward and look into his eyes. You can’t really see much but you know he is sincere about not hurting you. “I’m Rachel,” you whisper. “It’s nice to meet you.” You spend the rest of the night with Harry the ghost with his ghost friends, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis.  



 Anonymous: One time i imagined that it was me and Zayns wedding night and wee were having sex when Niall Bursting in the room and starts hysterically crying and screaming GOD WHYYY!!!!!!


You have just walked down the aisle and married the man of your dreams, Zayn Malik. It is official now, you are Mrs. Anon Malik. You do the whole reception thing but you can’t wait to go home and get him out of that tux. He keeps whispering in your ear all the dirty things he wants to do to you. 

Finally enough people have left that it signals the end of the party. You two run upstairs to your hotel room and start undressing. He tosses you on the bed and slides your underwear down. He is just about to ravish you when Niall busts into your room. He is crying and screaming. “ZAYN, I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL!” You don’t know what to do with yourself. You put on a little pair of shorts and go into the bathroom while Zayn figures out what to do with extremely drunk Niall. 

Halloween Imagine Contest


I want to do a really cute Halloween imagine with 5 girls as the boy’s girlfriends.

You have until the 26th of October to enter. 

MBF Me (I will check)

Submit your name, a few things about yourself and what you want to be for Halloween. 

I will pick 5 girls to be the girlfriends.

Good luck! 

-Wildflower xx

 Anonymous: One time i imagined Niall and i having sex when all of a sudden he starts convulsing and throwing up rainbows and i have to save him so we can go back to having sex.



You are on a date night with your boyfriend Niall. You are watching a cliche romantic comedy when he starts kissing your neck. You giggle and he smiles as he keeps kissing you. His hands start to wander and grab at your breasts. He starts pulling at your shirt to expose your shoulder and starts kissing that. You giggle some more as you whisper, “Want to go the bedroom?” He picks you up and carries you to your room. He tosses you on the bed and climbs on top of you to kiss you. He undresses you and you undress him as the kissing gets more and more heated. 

Before you know it he is slowly sliding he length into you, making you moan in pleasure. He starts pumping but something is wrong. He pulls out and runs to the bathroom. You chase after him and see that he is throwing up rainbows. You help him and save him. He smiles and decides to thank you by fucking you some more.

You wake up with a massive headache. You roll over to see him and Zayn passed out next to empty liquor bottles and weed.


Halloween Imagine Contest

I want to do a really cute Halloween imagine with 5 girls as the boy’s girlfriends.

You have until the 26th of October to enter. 

MBF Me (I will check)

Submit your name, a few things about yourself and what you want to be for Halloween. 

I will pick 5 girls to be the girlfriends.

Good luck! 

-Wildflower xx

Imagine for Reba She requests a lot which means she likes my stuff which means that I love her.


You are best friends with the boys. They went on tour and wanted to take you with them but you couldn’t because of school and work. They call you when they can but they are always really busy. One day you get an email from Louis. “Hey Reba, we miss you! Skype date tonight? ;)” You reply a yes and you can’t wait. You start freaking out. It has been forever since they have actually seen you. You go straight to your closet. You find the cutest top and skirt that they love on you. You know that only your upper body will show but you have been known to break out in dance with Zayn on the other end. 

The time comes when they are supposed to call you. You sit in front of your computer waiting anxiously. You do one more check of your make up when your computer makes the sound that means they are calling you. Your face instantly lights up. You click accept and the screen opens with Liam sitting down and Zayn busts into the screen and sticks his tongue out. “Reba,” he shouts. You giggle. “Hi Zayn. Hi Liam.” Liam gets the other boys into the shot. “Hey Reba,” Niall shouts from behind Harry. “We miss you so much love,” Louis says with some sadness in his voice. “You look even more beautiful than I remember babe,” comes form Harry. You can’t help but blush at this. They take turns at the camera. One by one they come on the screen.

Harry pushes his way first. “Reba! I miss you so much!” You giggle at his dorky smile. “I miss your curls Haz.” He does a hair flip, “I know you do.” He talks to you about the crazy girls trying to get to him on tour. He asks how work and school is going. You can’t stop laughing at him. His time comes to an end. “Before I go, you look absolutely stunning. I will talk to you soon.” You smile, “Talk to you later Hazza.” He blows a kiss at the camera and you return it.

Niall flops himself into the seat set in front of the computer. “Hey Lucky Charm,” he says with a huge smile. He always called you his Lucky Charm. He also loves to throw the marshmallows from Lucky Charms at you. “Hey Snowflake.” He also asks you how he is doing and how much he misses your cooking. “Now I’m hungry,” he grabs at his stomach. You giggle at how he is always hungry. “Then go eat.” “But I want to talk to you,” he whines. “Knowing you there is probably food within arms reach of you. Just eat.” He finds some chips without even getting out of his chair. He eats while continuing to talk to you about the tour and life. Zayn comes into the room, “Dude, your turn is up. It’s my turn now.” “Don’t be a cunt.” Zayn comes into view of the camera and pushes him off the chair. 

"Vas happenin’!?" You laugh as Niall gets up and messes Zayn’s hair up as he leaves the room. Zayn freaks out and fixes his hair quickly. "You look beautiful babe." He takes a moment to admire you. You talk for a few minutes but you end up getting up and dancing with him. He spends his whole time dancing with you before Louis comes in. Zayn blows you a kiss as he lets Louis sit down for his turn. 

"Hey gorgeous. El says hi." You tell him to say hi back for you. He agrees and asks how you have been. You tell him what has been going on and he makes sassy remarks about everything making you laugh so hard. Every conversation with Louis is a workout for your abs. You two tease each other the whole time and laugh your butts off. 

Liam comes in last with a huge smile on his face. You can’t help but to smile when you see him smile. He tells you about the new songs they are writing and how excited he is to come home not only to see you but to start recording. “That would be amazing if you can come to the recording sessions babe. I will love it.” You agree and say that you hope to have time off. You tell him the problems you have been having because you can always go to Daddy Liam for help. He happily lets you vent and tries to give you advice where he can. 

The rest of the boys come in and you have a half an hour before they have to go do their thing. They joke with you and you realize how much you miss them. You want to hug them and be with them. You get really excited that they are going to be home soon. “Come on guys, time to go,” you hear Paul say in the background. “Awwww no. Come on Paul.” “No, we have to go.” They turn back to the camera. “Sorry babe we have to go.” “I love you guys!” “Love you Lucky Charm!” They all blow you a kiss and end the call. You can’t be sad about how much you miss them because you had so much fun. 


Requested by for her friend Haley as a birthday gift. 

Happy birthday Haley, I hope it’s great :D


You have been friends with Niall for such a long time. You two have become best friends over time and are almost inseparable. You have gotten to know him so well that you find yourself slowly falling for him. He is always the one that has your back, he can cheer you up, he knows what you are feeling just through a text that says hey. You start to worry about if you try and be a couple, and it doesn’t work out, how it will effect your friendship. You love him so much as a friend that you don’t want to lose him

One day you are going to the studio to visit him and the rest of the gang because you haven’t seen them in forever. You put on your favorite outfit, the one that looks good when nothing else does, and gives you so much confidence because you know you look hot. You come in and they are sprawled around, Zayn and Liam are on the couch, Harry is getting some food, Louis is in asleep in the corner, and Niall is laying on the floor, propped up on his elbows. You let out a small giggle and Niall shoots his head to see you standing there. He flashes you a huge smile while he positions himself into a cute pose, clearly just for you. He jumps up to his feet and engulfs you in a giant hug. You bury your head into his shoulder as you hug him back. You start to smell his cologne mixed with sweat, the smell that always comforted you when you were sad and celebrated your victories. You pull back out of the hug and see his bright blue eyes sparkling at you. “Do you want to get dinner later? Just me and you?” You agree before you start hugging all the rest of the boys. You sit and watch them work, just happy to be back with them.

The end of the day comes and the boys start gathering their things getting ready to go to sleep. You see Niall looks tired. “Ni, we don’t have to do dinner tonight. You look exhausted.” He walks up to you and surrounds you in another hug, whispering in your ear, “I really want to hang out with you tonight Haley. I will be fine.” “If you’re sure. You look like you are going to pass out.” He nods his head and grabs his stuff. You follow him out to the car and he opens the door for you. You smile brightly as you get in. Your mind starts to race about what a gentleman he is being, could this mean he wants more too? He gets into the drivers seat and takes off toward the restaurant. When you arrive he keeps being a gentleman, opening doors for you, pulling out your chair. You can’t help but hope that this is leading to something more.

Dinner comes and goes with normal conversation about the new record, touring, your work, classes. It is when dessert comes things start to get interesting. He scoots his chair closer to yours because he only ordered one dessert to share. You are enjoying the sweetness and feel him staring at you. You look over at him, “What? Do I have something on my face?” You quickly pick up your napkin and start dabbing your mouth nervously. “No, you’re fine. I was admiring how beautiful you look tonight.” You start to blush and look down at the napkin in your lap. “I mean it Haley. You are gorgeous.” He takes your hand in his. “Haley, we have been friends for a really long time and I can’t help but have feelings for you. I think that you are so perfect in every way and all I want to do is to be able to call you my girl. I want to hold your hand, slowly push your hair behind your ear as I lean in to kiss you. I want to be the couple that everyone envies. I can only see myself with you.” You look into his eyes and can see deep into his soul and see that he means everything. You lean in to kiss him. He gently places one hand on your cheek as the other stays holding your hand. He pulls away from your lips, “So does that mean you want to be my girlfriend?” You smile and nod your head as you kiss him again.



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Waiting for the doctor to come in to the room

  • Me: So co-ome on. You got it wrong. To prove I'm right I put it in a so-oong.
  • Me: I don't know why
  • Mom: I don't have spaghetti-o's. The piggy one probably ate them a-a-all.
  • Mom: Niall eats all of the fo-ood. So we are all hungry-yy


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